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Hiero 2 is a next-generation emoji company specializing in branded emoji suites.

Founded in 2016, Hiero 2, Inc. is a technology company specializing in custom emoji platforms for Athletes, Brands, Cities, and Celebrities. 

With our partners at FictiveKin, we have developed a custom Content Management System. Our CMS allows us to edit, add, or remove emojis from any app at a moments notice, updating the app live without any need for full updates on different app stores.

Branded emoji suites give brands the chance to stay in touch with their fans on a daily basis with direct access to them on their phones.








Our emojis are specifically designed for each City, Athlete, Brand, or Celebrity. Our talented team of artists work around the clock to create IP that is interactive with our users.

Our Apps

Below is a small sample of apps we have created.

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Celebrity Vault

Created for Globe Photos, this simple emoji app showcases some of their greatest art in an easy, emoji format. Utilizing our simple to use system we were able to fully design an app from scratch for them within a week. Elegant and extremely easy to use.

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AlgarveMoji Emoji and Stickers

Our first lifestyle and coupon app, we created AlgarveMoji with the idea in mind that we wanted to connect businesses with people. Included in this app are dozens of emojis as well as tons of coupons that are redeemable throughout the Algarve.

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RS35Moji by Renato Sanches

For Portuguese Soccer Player Renato Sanches, we created this app so he could express his love for soccer, music, and a 'tranquilo' lifestyle to all of his fans. 



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Content Management System

Every one of our apps comes with a dedicated Content Management System. These systems can be managed by one person to change apps in real time.

An example - you're a celebrity who markets jewelry and Tiffany wants you to support their brand. We can create a suite of emojis combining your image and Tiffany, and position them to a specific area on the app.

Another example - it's your birthday! We can move an emoji of you blowing out a birthday cake to the top of the app to tell all of your fans that its your birthday!


Contact Us

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Meet the team


Klaus Moeller, CEO

Klaus Moeller grew up in Portugal and England and has been living in Southern California for nearly 30 years. He has founded two public companies Genius Brands International land Globe Photos, inc. and several other start ups including Los Angeles Comic Con, a sustainable Teak Wood plantation in Costa Rica and the Venice Beach Ben & Jerry’s.

Klaus has a long history in fundraising and in 1998 he was blessed by Pope John Paul II for his charity work with orphans and handicapped children. Although a lover of art his initial background is in accounting and auditing. He has served as the Founder and CEO of White Cross Projects and the Celebrity Vault Gallery and has organized over 15 art projects including public art installations in Santa Monica and Havana.


Hayden Michael, COO

As COO, Hayden Michael makes sure every single one of Hiero 2's apps is built quickly and expertly, with an emphasis in simplification for both app users and clients alike.

Hayden's other achievements include co-founding the Los Angeles Comic Con, developing the NASCAR Emoji Garage app, and creating a successful series of YouTube videos for Genius Brands International.

Additionally, Hayden has consulted for various businesses to simplify their workflow and accomplish tasks, such as implimenting the accounting system for a Ben and Jerry's and heading the design of professional materials for Capital Art.



As CTO, Cameron makes sure that Hiero 2 has best-in-class product design and engineering. 

Cameron's other experiences includes founding a digital agency based out of Brooklyn called Fictive Kin. As part of Fictive Kin, Cameron worked alongside some of the world’s most recognized brands including Samsung, National Geographic, Gap, The Atlantic, WeWork, and Kickstarter. In this role, Cameron leads both design and engineering teams in the development of new software applications for both web and mobile. 

Cameron has an A.B. in Economics from Princeton University and an M.B.A. from Stanford University.